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76. Mindset Monday with Danielle McCleerey: Human Design

Multi-passionate entrepreneur, professional hype girl and certified human design reader, Danielle McCleerey, reads my chart and explains human design and how it will v...

75. Business Tip with John Malone & Greg O'Brien: Forming a Strong Entity with Legal & Tax Protections

GO CPA Co-CEO's John Malone and Greg O'Brien share considerations for creating a business entity and how to do so to protect yourself legally and from unnecessary tax ...

74: Greg O'Brien and John Malone: Football Captains to Co-CEOs (That Can Lower Your Tax Burden!)

An interview with GO CPA's Co-CEOs on how they became corporate dropouts and help entrepreneurs lower their tax burden.

73: Mindset Monday: It's OK to Change (Your Mind)

Human beings resist change, despite it being the only constant. Why I think changing - especially our opinions - is one of the best things we can do.

72. Business Tip with Meghan Hedley: Honoring the Season You're In as a Multi-passionate Entrepreneur

Time Stamps:[0:02] - A little bit about meghan[1:49] - Why you should honor the season that you were in, in your life and your business[6:08] - A feeling about guit, l...

71. Meghan Hedley: Entrepreneur, Coach, Healer, and Artist

A conversation with my friend Meghan Hedley, a multi-passionate entrepreneur, coach, and healer and artist. We talk everything from mental health to business.

70. Mindset Monday: My Healing Experience with Plant Medicine

On today's episode, I spill all the details on my first experience with medicinal mushrooms and how I healed decades of trauma in one evening.

69. Business Tip with Holly Haynes: Maximizing Your Time with Theme Days

Timestamps:[1:43] - Scheduling your Theme Day[4:55] - Watching your social media usage at night–Connect with Alessia:Text me! 949.541.0951Instagram: @corporatedropouto...

68. Holly Haynes: Make the Most of Every Day

Productivity expert and entrepreneur Holly Haynes shares how you can make the most of every day to live a life of fulfillment.

67. Mindset Monday: Choose Your Hard

Everything in life is a choice. Are choosing the hard that serves you?

66. Business Tip with "Mystic Missy" Mitchell: Out with Hustle Culture, In with Balancing Masculine and Feminine Energies

"Mystic Missy" Mitchell shares how to create flexibility in your business by balancing the masculine and feminine energies that we all carry in us.

65. "Mystic Missy" Mitchell: Find Your Soul Purpose

"Mystic Missy" Mitchell shares her story and how she went from chronic depression to living her soul's purpose - and how you can do the same.

64. Mindset Monday: Why Appreciation is the New Gratitude

You likely have a gratitude practice of some kind, but do you have an appreciation practice? Why the two are not the same and how being in a state of appreciation will...

63. Business Tip with Jodie Sacco: Start with the End in Mind

Jodie Sacco, Certified Business and Executive Coach, shares her top tips for setting business goals.

62. Jodie Sacco: Open to Everything; Attached to Nothing

An interview with the incomparable Jodie Sacco. (Yes - Jodie from the plane who was Alessia's sign to quit Google!) We discuss everything from her upbringing in South ...

61. Mindset Monday: Are you a wet log or fire kindling?

Life is throwing obstacles at most of us right now. Whether it's personal hardships, inflation, lockdowns or quarantines, or the many other current events going on rig...

60. Business Tip with Lauren Golden: The FREEDOM Framework

ClickFunnels’ two-comma club member and founder of the Free Mama Movement, Lauren Golden, takes us through her framework to establishing freedom.

59. Lauren Golden: A Free Mama Making 7 Figures

An interview with Lauren Golden, Founder of The Free Mama Movement, on how she went from crying in the carpool line to being a self made-millionaire by teaching moms h...

58. Mindset Monday: Why Pruning is Necessary

Not everyone is meant to stay in your life. Learn why humans are like roses and why pruning is essential to our health and highest potential.

57. Business Tip with Savannah Joy & Amanda Maurice: Postures for Self Acceptance and Authority

Corporate Dropouts and embodied feminine leadership coaches Savannah Joy and Amanda Maurice share how you can get back into your body to reclaim self acceptance and se...

56. Savannah Joy & Amanda Maurice: Embrace Your Wild

Savannah Joy and Amanda Maurice are embodied feminine leadership coaches and the co-founders of Embrace Your Wild. As they each traversed the journey of Corporate Drop...

55. Mindset Monday: Creating Habits That Stick

You've made New Years Resolutions, but now what? Create habits that stick and improve your chances of success.

54. Business Tip: Goal Setting for the Big Picture

It's the time of year to set new goals. Start with the end in mind and use two frameworks to set goals you can achieve.

53. Dr. Betty Hernandez-Tupta: Blazing a Trail in Alternative Healing

Dr. Betty is a chiropractor and certified crystal practitioner, who incorporates various healing modalities. In today's interview, we learn about her career path, stay...

52. Mindset Monday with Dr. Betty Hernandez-Tupta: Energy Crystals and Creating a Sacred Space

Going into the last week of the year, Certified Crystals Practitioner Dr. Betty, shares how you can create a sacred space for yourself and use energy crystals.

51. Business Tip with Matt Vaught: 1M+ TikTok Followers in 3 Months

How tattoo artist Matt Vaught built up a following of 1.1 million followers on TikTok in only 3 months.

50. Matt Vaught: From Incarceration to Inspiration

Today I interview my personal tattoo artist - viral TikToker, Matt Vaught. His story is one of redemption and growth, and Matt proves that it's never too late to turn ...

49. Mindset Monday: Be Like Elsa and LET IT GO

Today is my 36th birthday, and I'm sharing the most important thing I've mastered this year that has quite literally changed my life.

48. Business Tip with Angela Henderson: The 3 Things to Focus On To Grow Your Business

Angela Henderson is an international award winning business coach for women, and an international keynote speaker and podcaster. Ange helps women in business get all t...

47. Angela Henderson: A Self-Made Millionaire Mom and Consultant on How You Can Scale to 7 Figures While Avoiding Burnout

Angela "Ange" Henderson is an international award winning business coach for women, an international keynote speaker and podcaster. She's also a former mental health c...