48. Business Tip with Angela Henderson: The 3 Things to Focus On To Grow Your Business

Angela Henderson is an international award winning business coach for women, and an international keynote speaker and podcaster. Ange helps women in business get all the pieces in place to have consistent five figure months that turn into six or seven figure years without burning out in the process. Today, she shares the three things to focus on to grow YOUR business.

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It's business tip time, whether it's marketing, sales, operations, etc. I'm bringing you quick tips across a variety of topics to help elevate your business. Let's get it.

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Hello, friends. I am back on the podcast today with Angela Henderson. I interviewed her yesterday. So be sure to listen to that episode, if you have not. She is an international award winning business coach for women, an international keynote speaker and podcaster and she helps women in business get all the pieces in place to have consistent five figure months that turn into six or seven figure years without burning out in the process. So Ange, thanks so much for coming back on the show. I'm excited for this business tip. It's the three things to focus on when growing your business. So with that, I will let you take it away.

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Yes, thanks so much, always fun to connect. First of all, I want to say the number one things that businesses need to stop doing is stop over complicating things. Stop thinking you need a million funnels stop thinking that you need to be on a million platforms just stop and go back to alignment. And when you go back to alignment, you go back to your truth. And when that happens, there are then three main things that you can do. The first thing is you need to build your audience. The second thing is you need to nurture your audience. And the third thing is you need to sell to your audience.

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So let me start with the first building your audience. Building your audience is important because without audience, you don't have people without people you can't sell without selling, you're not going to be able to be you know, in business for very long. In order to build your audience. One of the key foundation things that you have to consider is visibility. There are only three ways that you become visible through organic visibility, strategy, partnership, visibility, strategy, and paid visibility strategy. Most businesses when they start aren't going to have all three of those infused, you kind of layer them as you go. So when you're looking at your organic visibility strategy, it's looking at things like where what platforms are you actually showing up on where your ideal client is consuming content, but also where you like to be playing around and right. Also, do you have an overall strategy, most businesses are just throwing spaghetti up against the wall, really making sure that you've got a content strategy or what I call a promotional rhythm strategy in place where you've got your content pillars in place, equally infused with what you're selling, because you need to make money every single day. Organic could also be having a podcast writing a blog article, having a Facebook communities showing up on socials, etc. If we look at the second visibility component there under building your audience, it really is around partnerships, working with other people in your area where you could do like a guest blog post, like you know, guest blogging, a guest podcast post, it could be doing a masterclass in the side, someone's else's community. It could be I mean, there's so many different things doing a giveaway together doing an Instagram takeover. But what happens is you build that partnership over long term. So if you ever earn a launch, they might scratch your back, you scratch their back. And lastly, obviously paid understanding where to be paying to play. So is it through Facebook ads, Pinterest ads, YouTube ads, is it around maybe doing sponsorship? Is it paying to be on someone's podcast, for example, and really honing in on that. So again, the first thing that you need to do is build your audience and the number one way to do that is through visibility through organic partnership and paid. Once you have that audience.

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The second thing is, is you really need to nurture your audience. It's you can't just ask for the sale. You can't just ask them for sex. All right, you need to nurture the audience. It's like going to a bar. I mean, it might work for some people hashtag no judgement. But if I go to a bar and I shoulder tap, Johnny, and I'm like, Hey, Johnny, nice ass meet me in the bathroom for a quickie. Johnny may take me up on that offer. But Johnny might also say like, Hey, lady back off. So what do you need to do I need to nurture Johnny. Hey, Johnny, can I? Well, first of all, I probably say my name is Angela. Right? But hey, my name is Angela. Can I buy you a drink? Then I might get Johnny's phone number then I might text Johnny then I might ask him for dinner. And then Johnny might give me some love. All right, but you need to nurture your audience. All right, don't be the douchebag that just like Hi can I pm you and then ask you for sex. I'm like, oh, gag me with a spoon. Okay, so that is number two. You must nurture your audience. Don't be a douchebag.

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and number three is sell to your audience. It is your freakin responsibility as a woman in business or if you're a man listening to that you need to sell if you have a nine to five job you have a job description you have to follow you don't follow the job description. You get hauled into the boss's office, you don't make changes, you're fired. So don't know why the hell it's any different in business. But yet I see it over and over and over again, you need to ask for the sale. Do you have a problem with selling well, then again, probably join my everyday payday program. But that's another note. But again, replace the word selling was serving every day you get to serve to your audience something on a platter that is going to transform and make their life better. And if you choose because it is your choice, not to sell to them, aka serve to them, you're actually doing a disservice to those people who need you in the world. So I can't emphasize enough that you must ask for the sale helping you to make every day a payday. So those are, you know, my main thing Stop over complicating things, build your audience, nurture your audience and sell to your audience.

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So good. I'm so glad I was muted, because well, you could see me I was like howling over here when you were doing the bar analogy. Ah, yep. Such a great tip. So funny. This has been a pleasure. I am so so glad that we connected. Thank you for coming on the show. And I can't wait to implement these strategies myself. This was awesome.

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No worries. Thanks so much for having me. You have an awesome day.

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Yea, thank you. You too. Oh, and real quick, tell tell us more about the everyday paycheck program and anything else that you want to plug and talk about where people can connect with you work with you more more people need you in their life that much I know.

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Thanks for that. So obviously, again, one of the main essences is that people struggle with sales and making money in their business. And so I created a four week accelerator program called everyday payday helping businesses to make every day a payday where I go through the you know, three weeks and then the fourth week is I assess everything for them. It is super simple, super easy to implement. But we it's a little bit of mindset, predominantly a lot of strategy in there. But I've just ran it for the first time recently, one of my clients implemented and she made $45,000 in seven days from implementing that particular session. So again, if you're prepared to spend a little bit of time and making sure that you're doing things in a way that's strategic and an alignment and again working for your client versus against your client. Yeah, it's you can always make every day a payday and then for the rest of you who don't need to make more money in your world you can always find me at Angela henderson.com Today you and from there you can choose to listen my podcast or on my Facebook community listen to my you know read my blog's listen to my podcasts etc.

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Thank you so much for coming on. This was a true pleasure and I look forward to our next conversation and hopefully seeing you in person when you're out here stateside. Next time.

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Yes, fingers crossed. I always love meeting new humans have an awesome day. Thanks again.

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Thank you. Alright, take care what you track grows, grow. It matters with the 90 day cycle to new habits journal and stay focused on what will move your business forward. Pick up your copy today at 90 day habits.co And use code Citro that's CIT R O for 10% off.

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