83. Business Tip with Elizabeth Rosenberg: 5 Tips to Combat Burnout

After experiencing it severely firsthand, Elizabeth shares her top five tips for combatting burnout. You'll LOVE what she has to say!

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Welcome to the corporate dropout podcast. I'm your host Alessia Citro. If you're sick of the corporate hamster wheel and looking to feel inspired and empowered to live a high vibe life as your own boss, you're in the right place dare to drop out in 321. Before we start the show, I want to tell you about the business I'm launching. Starting a business can be hard work, but it doesn't need to be confusing too. And that is why I founded Theia collective a learning community for entrepreneurs. Learn from experts across law, finance, tax operations, marketing, sales and more and get the blueprint on how to set up and run your own business. Text biz, that's BIZ to 949-577-8709, or head to Theia dash collective.com. To learn more. Hello, friends, I am back with Elizabeth Rosenberg. Today. She is an entrepreneur, charismatic leader and visionary who drives authentic change and purposeful impact through her work as the founder of the good advice company, a marketing and communications consultancy. And with more than two decades of experience working with some of the most innovative brands and leaders in the world, Elizabeth taps her knowledge, intuition and truth to uncover and amplify purpose and ownable narratives. That's such a good bio. So she is back today to tell us five tips on how you can combat burnout. And if you didn't listen to the full interview with her yesterday, be sure and do that it's going to add a lot of color to the conversation. So with that, Elizabeth, thank you for being back. Looking forward to the tips.

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Yes, we talked a lot about my burnout journey yesterday. So if you are experiencing corporate burnout, personal burnout, I feel for you and know that you're not alone. The first tip is normalizing boundary setting and sticking with it. So I have two days a week where I workout with my trainer. And this is the benefit for like everyone around me. Exercise definitely, I think keeps me even keeled. And in the last year has definitely kept me sane. So but I don't allow anybody to schedule over that time. And I try as much as I can to make that time. It's later in the day. So it really doesn't like bug anybody else. But it's okay to keep that time and not have anybody Bhagat The other thing is, you know, I think normalizing that time with anything else that you might need, whether that is feeding your kids lunch, whether that is going to therapy, whether that is running errands, one hour of your day, in the midst of things is not going to blow up the world. So just be okay with that. My second tip is no meeting Fridays, as we discussed, I know that you love calling them CEO Fridays. So I think we should all start using that phrase. I love it too. And I think the biggest issue with companies is that there just is never enough time to get everything done that you actually need to get done. We are on zooms all day long. We're on calls a day long meetings, and we actually need actual work time. So no meaning Fridays are my days to get stuff done. I try to block out time, obviously like throughout the week as well for work. But this is the best way I think to start my favorite thing that I do, and I recommend this to everyone, and this is the one where everyone like gasps and freaks out is no day of meetings. So this means that no one can just throw a meeting on your calendar for that day, no same day meetings. I think if a PR person can do it, anyone could do it. Now there are obviously times where the that role goes out the window when there's crisis or something like that. But I think that by not having day of meetings, it protects your calendar. And it plans ahead. And then you actually realize Do I need a meeting or can we just send an email. So it is hands down one of my favorite tips.

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Um, one that I know that we discussed. My fourth tip is to invest in coaching. Coaching has changed my life. So I know that Bill Gates famously said, if you were down to his last dollar, he would spend it on PR but I think that was before coaching existed. And I am telling you as a PR person, do not spend it on PR spend it on coaching. It is a game changer for you. And whatever that may look like if you need executive coaching, if you need personal coaching, you know, all of the coaching. Coaching is about homework and is about movement forward. Versus I think therapy that's really about talking things through So really think about the difference between those two as well. And then the last thing is turn off the notifications, use that do not disturb on the weekends. I don't ever have slack on my phone. If You need it, use it on your desktop. But turn off your notifications on Instagram, on Twitter, on your dating apps on anything that might just be kind of like coming up. And then check those as you need to intermittently. But those notifications are created for us to become addicted to that service. And I know when I say to turn off the notifications on Slack, first of all, I do love that little noise that it makes. But I also know that that noise was made for me to, to want to be engaged all the time. So if you have to have slack on during the day, which I understand most of you do, that's fine, but turn it off at night. Remove it from your remove it from your phone, if necessary. But know that notifications are not there for the benefit of our health and wellness. They are the benefit. They're there for the benefit of productivity. So yeah, that's it.

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Great, great tips. While we talked about this, before we started recording to what a game changer using the focus feature on iOS 15 has been if you are listening to this and you have not upgraded your iPhone to iOS 15 That's your homework, go do that right now. And set up work focus, personal focus, sleep focus, it has changed my life. Yeah, I

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tell everybody to to, um, and this is a hard one. This is like the no day of meetings slash no Fridays, to really try to sleep with your phone outside of your bed that outside of your bedroom. So start with one day a week, then move up to two. I mean, it's I still like have my door open and I have my Do Not Disturb on and my ringer all the way up if there is an emergency, but in all honesty, just not having that in my room. It changes your sleep patterns. It's I mean, like there's, you know, there's studies around it. So really trying to get that I think that the tech it room is a big, big game changer too.

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Yeah, that's a really good tip. And you know, I've got a three year old who has been coming into our room at some point in the night every night, which I don't mind the cuddles. But last night, it woke me up at you know, 230 in the morning when she came in. And then I was up until like 5am, partly because I'm like, well, now I'm awake. And I go on my phone, which is like the fatal mistake. So I'm going to put it in the office tonight. Thank you for that to

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try it. I mean, just try and see what happens. I mean, it's funny because I have like a book next to my bed in case for that reason. If I'm if I wake up, I'm like, Okay, I got my Kindle. And I know that my Kindle. I can't look at anything else.

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The only option I have is a book. Yeah, that's really good advice, which is fitting because that's the name of your company. I didn't even do that on purpose. Well, thank you for coming back. Before we sign off, how can people find you connect with you and work with you?

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Great. Please go to my website, which is the good advice company.com. And I always recommend that you follow me Elizabeth Rosenberg on LinkedIn. It is where I am my most authentic self. And as we discussed in the podcast yesterday, networking and utilizing that platform are really a game changer for entrepreneurs. Well, thank

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