97. Suzana Somers: How The Bachelor Retired Her from Corporate

Suzana Somers is an educator who leveraged data from The Bachelor franchise to teach others Excel and Google Sheets... and ultimately was able to quit her job because of it.
Time Stamps:
  • [1:10] A little bit about Suzana Somers
  • [3:16] Her teaching career and how she get into tech
  • [8:58] Exiting the limo on night one what type of data
  • [10:57] How did the academy grow
  • [12:13] About the course that she builds
  • [13:16] How did she figure out whether or not this thing is good to go before she invested a ton of time?
  • [15:19] About her beta testers
  • [16:41] What were some of the biggest challenges and learning curves she had
  • [18:36] Why did she even think that the market is like the way it is for digital courses?
  • [21:42] What’s her favorite feature of Excel?
  • [22:36] vlookup and xlookup 
  • [25:24] How valuable Did she think Excel proficiency is? If she’s an entrepreneur running a business?
  • [27:09] How did she even go about finding these data points?
  • [31:02] How long did she think they can have to wait before you end up being like on The Bachelor on ABC giving commentary on data?
  • [32:07] Who is her favorite bachelor and bachelorette, of all time?
  • [34:45] Her favorite couple from the franchise?
  • [38:37] What is more she likes? Google Sheets or Excel better?

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Instagram: @bachelordata
Tiktok: @bachelordata
BachelorData Academy: Bachelor Data Academy

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